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看到fxxx,我就想起了中国人说一个人“很牛X” 所以,应该不是什么好单词,极有可能是FUCK。

Ich bin ein XXX jaehriges Maedchen aus China und mag XX sehr gern/liebe XX sehr

Why the Chinese version of XXX hasn't been released/published yet?

I'm go ing to USA to teach Chinese.First I think there is a big problem you should conquer--Time Zone Difference.America is the No.1 country in the world, which makes me to visit it. I like Seatlle,which is very close to China,...

我给你段非常正式的商业回函,看得懂最后两句的就知道我很负责任的说。 From xxx to xxx we will take CNY(Chinese New Year) Leave /take anual ...

是20世纪70年代纽约唐人街的ABC(American-born Chinese,在美国出生的中国人)组织...找到名称为xxx .xx(x为数字)的文件,注意不要找最新的(数值越大越新)再依次...


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hello, my dear friend. Thanks for your last letter. I am so glad you still remember us, your Chinese old friends.(如果是非正式信函,就不用...

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