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the use of sth 使用某物 双语例句 1 I call on everyone to renounce the use of violence and armed struggle. 我呼吁每个人都放弃使用暴力和武装斗争。 2 In their own work they may have favored the use of methodology different from mi...

the use of +sth 表示什么的用途与使用,属于名词短语。 如:the use of the land 土地的使用 相关例句: 1.She will accommodate me with the use of her old car. 她会把她的旧汽车供我使用的。 2.The company has lapsed the right to the us...

the use of.理解为"应用." the usage of.强调使用方法

use the Internet 动词+名词 翻译:使用互联网 use of the Internet 名词+介词+名词 翻译:互联网的用处(准确的说这里的use前面要加the 你可以看出前者的use是动词,后者的use是名词,这就是两句的区别 不会的继续问吧

make use of ,物做主语.如:sth be made use of ,make use of 被利用,人作主语,希望帮到你,望采纳

We modern people are familiar with the computer of an electronic product, it can help us deal with characters, images, various documents. There are a lot of people can not calculate the data, the computer can help us can be eas...

what's the use of.的中文翻译 what's the use of. 使用了什么。

make the best use of 充分利用 例子: In both halves of my life, I tried to make the best use of my limited abilities. 在我们生命的两个阶段,我尽最大的努力去利用我有限的能力。 make the best of 做最好的 例子: Make the choice to ...

1 be in use== being used The abacus is still in use in our factory accountant's office. 2 be in the use----英语中没有这个短语,只有be for the use of --- -: This room is for the use of teachers ----这房间供教师使用

becomes三单主语是the use 用途不是筷子

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