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Jiang Yi, first prize winner Jiang Yi, a sixteen-year-old boy from Class 5, Senior High 1, has won first prize in the Jianghai Web Page Design Competition held last week. A total of 356 contestants from all walks of life took ...

小题1:B小题2:C小题3:C小题4:D 试题分析:小题1:细节判断。根据文章第二节第一句话The school is very modern得出答案。小题2:细节判断。根据文章第二段中you can see a high stadium (体育场)on the left side of the road,which has a 400-m...

Well,It's OK When I get into senior high school,I feel upset ,too But Last I adapted it ~ 1) Make a plan for yourself ,How to study ,How to do other things. And hold it~2) I think you should learn it early during vacation ~ But...



How time flies! It’s two months since I entered high school, but I can still remember the first day clearly. 有100字限制,请追问

My senior high school life is colourful and full of happyness .In my new class, l got more friends who are friendly.I think the most diffical thing is that my math is poor.你的规定打不到100词。

你就说你的你的名字 年龄 几年级几班 喜欢干什么 有什么爱好

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