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reply to you是正确的 reply是不及物动词,加了介词to就必须要带宾语,如果没有to就不需要宾语 reply to 英 [riˈplai tu:] 美 [rɪˈplaɪ tu] 回复, 回答

Sorry for delaying your reply. Sorry for detering your reply.

Thanks for your prompt reply. 谢谢你的及时回复。 例句: 1. Awaiting for your reply soonest! 等待你的答复最快! 2. Sincerely thank you for your reply 真心感谢你的回复!

两句都不对。 It would be appreciated if you reply me soon 或I would appreciate it if you reply me soon才对,appreciate在这里用形容词结构后,...

reply, answer辨析 两者均可表示“回答”,但用法有所不同: (1)①answer 意为“回答”时,既可以作及物动词,也可以作不及物动词,多用于一般性应答。例: He answered my letter. 他给我回了信。 ②answer 还可表示接听(电话)或对门铃等声响作出反应...

I'm so sorry to reply you so late 不好意思,这么晚给你答复。 be sorry to do sth. 不好意思做某事 reply to sb 答复某人 赞同请采纳!

Thank-you-for-your-prompt-reply 谢谢你的及时回复 prompt reply 及时回复 双语对照 例句: 1. The eu chamber of commerce in china sent a protest letter tomost in late december, and received the rare treat of a promptreply from minis...

您好翻译为稍微回复你 希望办好祝你


When you see this email, please reply immediately.

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