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on suspiCion oF是什么意思

on suspicion of 有...嫌疑 例句: He was arrested on suspicion of murder. 他因涉嫌谋杀而被捕。

The Beat Goes On 打击在继续 嘻哈青春 例句: 1. At cern, the beat goes on: last weekend the french police arrested a particle physicist whoworks on one of the collider experiments, on suspicion of conspiracy with a north africanw...

1.McQueen's mother Joyce died on February 2. The designer told his followers on Twitter the sad news the next day. 2.He wrote: "I'm ...

For those who would like to translate it into Chinese : Fernando Ortíz on the Phases of Transculturation (From a speech made at Club Atenas in Havana, December 12 1942) The white man attacks the black in order to snatch him fro...

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