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make haste [词典] 急速,赶快;

rival在这里是同伴的意思,这是rival最原始的意思,=partner。 watch是哨兵,瞭望的意思。 the rivals of my watch:我的守夜的伙伴们 (上面译文中的同班,指的是同一班守卫) bid them make haste:叫他们快点儿来(这个不用解释了吧?)

To do things the proper way instead of hurriedly and heedlessly; to see urgent things through in a thorough manner.

1.make+名词(代词)+动词不定式短语,-ed分词短语,介词短语,名词短语,形容词或形容词短语。如: She made all of us laugh. 她使得我们都笑 注意:不定式短语在主动结构中作宾语补足语时,不带to;但在被动结构中作主语补足语时,不定式短...


make a cup of tea 泡茶 make three wishe 许三个愿望

050 Make haste slowly• 欲速则不达 051 The fairest rose is at last withered• 好花终须凋谢。 052 Every dog has his day• 狗也有走的一天;凡人...

Make haste, I feel your heartbeatWith new taste for speed, out on the streetFind a road to a humble abode where both of our routes meetThe silver ...

make for To have or cause to have a particular effect or result: 造成,促成:有或促使有某种特定的效果或者结果的: small details that make for comfort. 令人舒适的小节 To help promote; further: 帮助提升;推进: makes for better c...

赶紧 1.to hurry up; to look sharp; to make speed; to make haste 2.hurriedly; post-haste 3.in a hurry 有不会的可以再问我

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