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if you love me-Gabrielle how can I love you, when you're not around 我怎么爱你,当你不在身边 you wanted it all and then you let me down 你一切都想要,然后你让我失望 you made me promises 你向我许诺 you know you never keep 你知道...

假如你爱我 是否你爱我

Talking Body - Tove Lo Bed, stay in bed, The feeling of your skin locked in my head Smoke smoke me broke I don't care, I'm down for...

有很多哈,Sweetbox、Mary J. Blige、Joe Mcelderry、Unknown、都叫If you love me,还有一首叫Baby if you wanna love me 都挺好听的哈

不是,是if you feel my love。。。 歌名就是这个IF YOU FEEL MY LOVE 记得采纳啊

Patti Austin帕帝.奥斯丁 Say you love me Patti Austin Don't you know that I want to be More than just your friend ...

If You Love Me by Ronan Keating Wish I could tell by The look in your eyes (Were I stand) Wish I could tell What you're feeling inside (But I can't) Wish you would say what I'm needing to hear (You want me) Give me a sign that ...

是,英文名字叫 歌词是 From, this valley they say you are going; We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile, ...

if you love me:如果你爱我 May you tell me:你可以告诉我吗

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