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Do you hAvE Any timE

下面是我回答过的一个问题 “Anything cheaper?”应该是希望得到肯定回答啊,为什么用anything不用something?请各位解惑 我的回答 “Anything cheaper?”是省略句=is there anything cheaper?这是表示询问的,所以不用something 再如 anybody here?...


语法上没错 不过换成any的话意思就变了 原句是说你有很多时间吗 换成any就成了你有时间么

do you have any leisure time?你有空吗?

7. Have you had any part-time, full-time, or volunteering experience ...4. What do you know about Canada? 你对加拿大了解多少?II. Family ...

a few, 肯定回答排除few和little,friend是可数名词,排除a little

i hardly have time to do 我几乎没有时间去做(某件事、另外的) i hardly have time doing 我几乎没有时间去做(现在手头的事) “have a good time ”和“have a hard time”后接“doing sth.” 此外包括“have a great time”“have a difficult time...

Mailing Address & Permanent Address 邮寄地址和永久地址 如果学校明确指出“Do ...今后每次都用它登陆(If you have an applicationin progress), 也就是说一次...

绝对是another another 表示另一,又一。 other表示其他的,后面跟可数名词复数

How do you relate requirements and quality versus testing in a data ...如: (1)Have you made sure of the time of the train? 火车开车的时间你...

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