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Control sth

前者是控制去做某事(未做的) 后者是控制做某事(正在做的)


我觉得应该加of doingsth

I don't think so


A be in control of sth,翻译为A被控制 A take control of sth,翻译为A控制着,掌控着

▲direct sth to sbPlease direct all complaints to Head Office.请把意见讲...DIRECT : Defense IEMATS Replacement Command & Control Terminal IEMATS指挥和...

require sb to do sth 要求某人做某事 ; 要求某人干某事 ; 要求某人做 require...can to get exploding deficits under control as our economy begins to ...

be in control of doing sth 翻译: 控制做某事

reject作及物动词时:To refuse to accept sth.这个sth一般是论点,计划,想法. 例句如下(reject): 1、Imperfect articles are rejected by our quality control. ...

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