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Twins sistEr和Twin sistErs有什么区别,什么时候用...

只有c选项是以单数形式出现的。因为前面的动词是is ,is 是单数

A:twin sisters twin sisters 孪生姐妹;双胞胎姐妹(twin sister的复数形式,等于twinflowers)

你好,很高兴回答你的问题,正确答案为: 1 D 2 will look 4 There are many pictures on the wall of our school. ************************************************************************** ^__^真心祝你学习进步,如果你对这个答案有什么...

The two sisters are different in appearence____ (appear),I don't think they are twins.(appearence是名词,appear是动词) Do you know ___ tomorrow?A.what will the weather like B.how will the weather like C.how the weather will be...

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