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英语问题~A BlEssing in DisguisE 最接近哪个意思...

a blessing in disguise 是习惯用法,意思:貌似灾祸实际使人得福之事 所以应该是D

blessing in disguise 的确是因祸得福的意思。基本上讲的就是尽管事情原本上看起来是一件不幸的事,但是从中你能得到不少意向不到的利益。 curse in disguise 就正好相反。指的是一件事看起来挺好的,但是过程或结果很可能置你于不幸之中。

a curse can be a blessing in disguise 一个诅咒可以是一个伪装的祝福 a curse can be a blessing in disguise 一个诅咒可以是一个伪装的祝福

在西方宗教里,blessing 表示的是God's favor, help or protection(上帝的青睐、佑祝或赐福);而in disguise表达了"hidden but real(乔装打扮的、被掩藏起来的",表示人事先无法看到)。所以a blessing in disguise就是“被掩藏起来的或经过乔...


歌曲名:Blessing In Disguise 歌手:Bryan Adams 专辑:Live At Abbey Road-A&M Are you lonely - are you crying are those teardrops in your eyes is it more blues - is it bad news is it a curse, or a blessing in disguise did you leave ...

A Curse Can Be a Blessing in Disguise A famous saying goes that “A curse can be a blessing in disguise”. Simple as the saying is, its meaning is profound and thought-provoking. Evidently, it is meant to tell us that unfavorable...

塞翁失马焉知非福 上天对我们的磨难经常是隐藏的恩赐

因祸得福 a fault on the right side A blessing in disguise 例句与用法: His illness was a blessing in disguise, because he afterwards married his nurse. (他生病倒是因祸得福,因为后来他和他的护士结了婚 )

塞翁失马=因祸得福=blessing in disguise In some cases that's a blessing in disguise.在某些情况下,这是变相的好事。 Misfortune might be a ...

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