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艾薇儿的FrEAk out 歌词中文大意是什么?

tomorrow 明天 avril lavigne 艾微儿 let go 放手 and i wanna believe you 我想相信你 when you tell me that it'll be ok 当你告诉我会没事 ya i try to believe you 我尝试去相信你 but i don't 但是我做不到 when you say that it's gonna b...

歌曲名:Freak Out 歌手:Avril Lavigne 专辑:The Best Damn Thing/Under My Skin Freak Out Try to tell me what I shouldn't do You should know by now I won't listen to you Walk around with my hands Up in the air Cause I don't care Cau...

是不是 everyone hurts?

你看这些对吗? freak out by avril lavigne try to tell me what i shouldn't do you should know by now i won't listen to you walk around with my hands up in the air 'cause i don't care 'cause i'm all right i'm fine just freak out ...

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